Don’t Let All Their Efforts Go To Waste

So many fought so hard so that you and I could vote.  Don’t waste it.  It’s easy now to forget the value a vote gives you, because it seems as if one vote doesn’t really matter.  That it’s only the unions or the Big Business or the lobbyists that count and no one in government listens to you, anyway.  But your vote and your voice do count, and so many people in this world still don’t have the right to cast a vote, or to know that a vote cast will be properly counted, that the ballot box won’t be stuffed, that the election isn’t rigged.  It took years — decades even — of protests and rallies and hard work by many women to earn women the right to cast a vote, and in their honor I cast my vote.  Now if I complain about how government is working (or not) I feel I’ve earned the right to lodge that complaint, because I did my part to participate in the process.  Go Vote!