Dryish January

I made it six days drinking non-alcoholic wine — basically, colored water in a wine bottle. I decided on Saturday nights I can have one white wine spritzer. So, less “dry” and more “dry-ish.” Fine, whatever … better than nothing, I say.

What about you? Have you tried to quit drinking for a month, or a week, or a day? I didn’t drink at all until freshman year of college and I haven’t stopped drinking since. Well, that’s not really true. I first knew I was pregnant when I got home from a long day at law school and sat down for dinner and a beer. My first sip of beer tasted off — metallic. Somehow, though I hadn’t been trying to get pregnant or thinking about it, really, at all, the thought that I might be pregnant popped into my head. The metallic-tasting beer had made me stop and think and as I scanned my body for what could be going on I realized that my boobs felt a little funny as well. I was only a few weeks pregnant, but my son was already making himself known.

Three positive pregnancy tests later, I called my husband (he lived in Dallas while I was in law school in Austin) and announced the news. He told me to go to CVS and get another test.

Still positive! I poured the beer down the drain and was sober for the next almost nine months. I started liking non-alcoholic beer actually better than the real thing. It was harder to give up Diet coke.

With my daughter, a few years later, I also gave up alcohol — but not diet coke — until the last few weeks when her being late when I was convinced she’d be at least two weeks early had me at wit’s end.

Then there were the 10 days of my Whole30 diet (the Halloween candy on day 11 put a stop to my clean eating), and again giving up candy and chips was harder than giving up my nightly glass of wine.

(On another note, it was interesting that while I can normally eat a candy bar and feel fine, after 10 days of clean eating, two mini Milky Ways had my stomach immediately upset. So, maybe sugar isn’t that good for me?)

Check back later this month to see if I stick with the A Wine Spritzer A Week Plan or just go back to my old, a glass of wine a day habit. I’m not placing any bets!