Welcome to My Book Portal

What a beautiful idea. My book-filled imaginary rooms always also include a window seat overlooking a forested area with a pond or lake or river in the background, and heavy dark red velvet curtains that can be closed around me to shut out every part of the world except the one in the book I’m reading.

Living a Beautiful Life

Everyone should have a book portal.  I’ll have one someday.  How great would that be?  A bookway (instead of a hallway) and rooms within rooms all made of books.

One room filled with the classics, of course.  Another dedicated to a wide range of non-fiction.  The walls and ceiling of the bookway filled with historical works and some historical fiction.  A room within a room for fiction.   Then some poetry.  An array of journals and subscriptions to shake things up.

A hand-carved antique table in a corner for the cappuccino machine.  Some over-stuffed armchairs.  Lots of pillows and cushions throughout.  Wi-Fi, of course.

I’d probably never leave.  So, maybe not?  Dream a little dream instead.

[Image: source unknown. Please notify me of any credit/copyright.]

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