Outlander’s Take On TV Sex

Huffington Post had an interesting take on the way sex was portrayed in the Wedding Episode of the Starzz TV adaptation of the Outlander  — click here for the link.  Hopefully it’s just the start of TV and film filming from the female viewpoint, at least some of the time.

I haven’t watched the Wedding episode yet … it’s next in line on my DVR … so can’t say if I agree with the analysis or not but I can say I’m now more excited than ever to see it for myself.  I love the chemistry between Claire and Jamie and after quickly reading all eight books feel like they are old friends.  Hate the way Starzz is making us wait until April to see part 2 of Season 1 but I’ll be glad of it once April rolls around.  To my mind the break in seasons causes drop off in interest in a series but presumably research or data shows otherwise.

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